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News Alert: COVID-19 Virtual Fundraising Campaign

Did you know?  Intellectually disabled residents in group homes are five times more likely to contract COVID-19 than the general population, and five times more likely to die from it.

During these scary and uncertain times, your charitable support helps to protect and nurture the residents of Noah’s House in five key ways. Find out more below…

Valued at $1,200 per resident, per month.

Noah’s House residents are high-functioning, and most are able to hold jobs in the community. In addition to providing them with a sense of independence and accomplishment, their earnings help to offset the total cost of residential services. Or did… until the pandemic put an end to their paychecks.

Help our residents replace their lost income due to COVID-19.  Donate today.


Valued at $500 per week of daytime activity costs.

Whether for work or for fun, our residents thrive on group outings and community activities. Now they must go without in order to stay home and stay safe from COVID-19.

Support stimulating and fun activities for our residents while they spend their days inside.  Donate today.


Valued at $300 per event.

To enliven the mood and provide new and different opportunities for social interaction and fun, Noah’s House staff members plan stay-at-home themed dinners and social events like “Italian Restaurant Night” and “Night at the Movies.” While these events incur extra costs, they do wonders for the morale of our residents.

Join us as our Virtual Host by supporting a themed “Nights In.” Donate today.


Valued from $1 to $100,000!

Every year we forecast and budget for maintaining our residential facility. This year, however, major costs for urgent maintenance and repair needs such as a required upgrade of our indoor sprinkler system have seriously stretched our limited budget just as COVID-19 has impacted our fundraising.

Help Noah’s House to continue providing a safe and comfortable home for our residents. Donate today.


Valued at $1,500 per month of residential care services.

Without the safe haven of Noah’s House, many of our 46 residents would be institutionalized, homeless, or living with families who cannot provide the highly affordable, 24/7 support that our staff provides. Noah’s House provides the best residential care in Houston at the most affordable cost.

Help us to continue providing high-quality, low-cost residential care to all those who need it. Donate today.


A Final Note:  Noah’s House leadership and staff know that this is a time of sacrifice for so many throughout the Greater Houston community. Our appreciation for your charitable support goes far beyond dollars counted and costs covered. Thank you for helping us to keep our residents healthy and safe. We could not do it without you.

Click here to donate today.