176 Fellows Road
Houston, Texas 77047
Tel: 713.434.5599

What We Do

“…much more than a place to go at night.”

Noah’s House is more than just a facility where our residents sleep at night. We provide a chance for those with intellectual disabilities to lead a life that is as typical as possible. With our dedicated staff, affordable care and a safe environment – our home is so much more than just a place to go at night.

Regardless of our resident’s special needs, we want them to live as independently as possible. With their executive functioning skills compromised, we focus and work with them on “adaptive behaviors”. We assist them with the conceptual, social and practical skills necessary for normal daily living. Most of us take these tasks for granted whereas our residents don’t have that luxury. Managing their money, caring for themselves, social interactions and job management – we take care of these tasks and monitor them to ensure a less threatening and confusing world for our residents.

We are very proud of our job placement success of our residents and a retention rate of over 90% – something we work hard at maintaining. The majority of our residents work every day with the exception of a few that are fully retired. We know that it is scary to leave their comfortable world of friends and home to work in a world where they are considered different. They subject themselves to pressures and uncertainty that most of us can’t understand. Their jobs may appear to be unimportant but we know that any job our residents accomplish increases their self-esteem beyond our imagination. The sense of pride they feel and making a contribution to our society – the feelings are priceless!