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The procedures we have in place are for the benefit of the candidate, their family, the existing residents and staff. We want families to have a clear understanding of our beliefs and expectations so that each resident will have the smoothest transition possible. In turn, we want to meet our residents and families’ expectations so that everyone is pleased with their partnership with Noah’s House.

To begin the process, simply contact Noah’s House Executive Director at 713-434-5599 or executivedirector@noahshousetx.org and we will be glad to answer your questions and share with you how your loved one can best benefit from what we do. Our full contact information, including a contact request, driving directions and online map is here.

Once you’ve received our information, a tour is scheduled for the candidate and their family. If both parties are in agreement, an interview of the candidate is scheduled. Our team including Nancy, a psychologist and registered nurse at no expense to the applicant interviews candidates. The candidate is then enrolled for a 90-day evaluation followed by a following up meeting between the staff, resident and family members.

If everyone is in agreement, the candidate attains his or her full resident status. These safeguards are in place because we want to make sure that your loved one has the potential to feel at home within our community.