176 Fellows Road
Houston, Texas 77047
Tel: 713.434.5599

Who We Are

“Noah’s House is an ark of hope… a place to call home.”

The families of our residents face two major challenges – caring for an adult loved one coping with intellectual disabilities and limited financial resources. Noah’s House is here to help them as they navigate the challenges in their lives. But we can’t do it alone.

Aging parents are faced with the agonizing question – who will take care of my adult loved one when I am no longer around? This is the harsh reality of the families we meet. At Noah’s House, we understand their plight as state resources tighten; costs rise and affordable options dwindle. The need for Noah’s House only increases as this population grows and more families are affected.

We provide an affordable independent community for single adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities and IQ’s ranging from 65-70. In many cases, our residents would be homeless if it were not for the loving home and support we provide. For these people and their families, Noah’s House is an ark of hope!

Quality of life for our residents is paramount. We minimize our operating expenses to the fullest possible so that we may provide the essential services our residents need and deserve.

We are a financially solvent 501(c)(3) non-profit charity located in Houston, Texas. We have operated continuously since 1998 and moved to our new home in 2009. Our facility was designed specifically for our residents and houses 50 residents. Private rooms, dining facilities, recreational activities, transportation for employment and doctors – this is just the beginning of the support services we provide at Noah’s House.