176 Fellows Road
Houston, Texas 77047
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“…more than 15 years of making history…”

In July 1998, forty-five mentally challenged adults and their families were faced with an unexpected and devastating crisis. For economic reasons, the organization behind their living arrangements for the last twenty-five years decided to close their Houston branch. The majority of adult residents from this facility were given 30 days to find another home.

The facility was relocating to another city in Texas and offered to take only a “chosen few” to their new home base. Those chosen residents did not want to go because they had jobs, church affiliations and family and friends in Houston. Moving to another city would be too extreme for them and they searched for other local homes that assist special needs residents. Unfortunately, the harsh reality was that other alternatives were either too expensive or had IQ admission limits below that of the displaced residents.

They felt as though they were caught in a terrible storm and became very discouraged. Help was on the way and they had no idea that something wonderful was happening behind the scenes just for them.

Paula Hammond, EdD, and Gabriella Rappaport, PhD had been working in group therapy with the residents and wanted to help. They asked several existing staff members if they would continue to work with the residents if suitable housing could be located. They agreed and on the very last day at the 11th hour, an apartment complex in Houston agreed to house all residents. With a new place to live, Noah’s House was born in August of 1998! We believed the name of our house was appropriate because we survived a terrible storm and sunny days were finally coming our way!

There was always a dream to have one facility that we could call our own and was built specifically to serve the needs of the residents. Through the generosity and caring of many people and institutions, the dream became a reality in 2009. The residents moved to a brand new 50-room building in Southwest Houston.

Since July 1998, we continue to be a thriving community of happy residents. Almost 70% of our residents have been with us since its inception. Over 90% are employed and we’ve maintained an occupancy rate of over 92% since moving into our new facility.

We are grateful for the last 20 years and know we will be a blessing to our residents and their families for many years to come.