176 Fellows Road
Houston, Texas 77047
Tel: 713.434.5599

How We See It

“Our mission is to provide a life that is as normal as possible…”

We believe that adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities are like everyone else – they want to live independently and make as many of their own choices as possible. They want the chance to live productive lives and decide what to do with their time. They don’t want to be dependent on family, friends or end up homeless but they realize they can’t do it alone.

Our mission is to provide a strong foundation for housing and support services that makes this attainable – a reasonable chance for a life that is as normal as possible.

To achieve this, we maintain the belief that each resident deserves our patience and respect. The families of our residents face a number of challenges as they plan for the future. Our primary objective is to provide a quality alternative for families facing the first of many difficult decisions – what will happen to their loved one when they are no longer able to care for them.

In conjunction with finding the right home is the second dilemma – limited financial resources. It is a delicate balance between our goal of doing all that we want to do for our residents versus what we can afford to do since our residents and their families cope with restricted monetary means.

Noah’s House does not accept government funding. We are funded primarily through resident fees and the generosity of caring people. Our fees are substantially less than other programs that offer housing services. Currently, our fees are just over $1,250 per month, which is quite unusual given the services we provide.

We focus on excellence within our management and operations. With more than 20 years success, the staff at Noah’s House will continue its mission of fostering independence, caring for and making a difference in the lives of these special people.