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Become a Community Partner

“…success made possible by the deep generosity of Friends of Noah’s House.”

Just as our wonderful Noah’s House residents understand they need the love and support we provide to live as normal of a life as possible, our staff and directors know we need the ongoing support and involvement of manyFriends of Noah’s House to make it work. Simply stated, without the deep generosity of many individuals, foundations, corporations, and civic and church based groups, our 15+ years of success would not have been possible.

Noah’s House is and has been since its inception financially viable. Remaining so however, requires continual balancing of three difficult and often-conflicting variables – services provided, including our staffing, facility and operating expenses, and affordable resident rates and employment for our residents. Currently, we find that our “gap” between available revenue and expense is approximately 15% – 20% of our internal resources.

To merely avoid reducing services and or raising resident fees from their current levels, we rely on your sincerely appreciated financial and in-kind donations, employing our deserving and willing residents and support through volunteer activities. With your help, we hope to not just maintain the status quo but rather continue to improve our services, staffing and facility as well as make lower fees possible for financially constrained residents.

If you wish to join us in making life better for deserving individuals with mild to moderate intellectual disability, individuals who face few alternatives other than institutionalization or a life on the streets, we urge you to consider working with Noah’s House with donations, resident employment opportunities and your personal volunteer work in addition to subscribing to our Friends of Noah’s House mailing list.