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Houston, Texas 77047
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Employ Our Residents

“…the sense of accomplishment derived from their work…”.

Our experience has confirmed that a major factor in enriching the lives of our residents is the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment they derive from their working in the Houston community. They want to be contributing members of society even doing what some would consider menial tasks. Meaningful employment gives them tremendous pride and self-confidence. Very few of us face a life of “being different” or can fully appreciate the importance of successfully negotiating themselves through the working world.

In return, as an employer, you will be tapping into a valuable resource. You will obtain dependable, loyal, enthusiastic workers at competitive rates who will want to come back. They are motivated, focused on completion of tasks and earning their pay. We instill these beliefs into our residence and employers see the results.

Whether your opportunity is in retail, manufacturing, clerical, food service or janitorial industries, you have our commitment to best match our resident’s skills to your specific needs. We also follow up as needed to make sure that the match is working for all involved. We have a great track record! The majority of our current residents are now employed successfully.

If you have an opportunity or would like to receive more information on how you can employ one of our residents, please contact our executive director at 713-434-5599 or by email at executivedirector@noahshousetx.org.

Make a difference TODAY! We look forward to working with you!