A community where adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can achieve a high level of independence

Adults with I/DD should be given the chance to live their lives to the fullest

Why Choose Noah's House?

Fosters Independence

Being around other I/DD adults who value independence encourages and enables new residents to also attend programs and work, giving them a sense of fulfillment.

Remarkably Affordable

At a rate of less than $1700/month for board and rent, Noah's House is truly affordable - one of the lowest cost communities in Texas for I/DD adults seeking independence and work.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Family members can rest assured, knowing their loved one is safe and in a loving community that helps them flourish in their independence.
Become a Resident

A Community Fostering Independence

At Noah's House, we believe that adults with I/DD should be given the chance to live their lives to the fullest. Many of our team members understand firsthand what it's like to be a family member of someone with I/DD. Since 1998, Noah's House has provided an affordable, safe, and nurturing community for adults with I/DD - a place where they can live independently and thrive with the support they need for as long as possible. Our community provides much of the same services as other private pay homes, but at a fraction of the cost. We also offer many more services than most group homes.


Over 485,000 individuals in Texas live with I/DD. We have 50 private rooms to support a handful of these adults. Because of the amazing residents we are blessed to care for and the generous support of donors, Noah’s House has had the following impact on its residents in 2021:
Healthy Meals Provided
Medical Appointments
Social Recreation Activities
Resident Wellness Activities
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* These statistics are from 2021

Family members can’t be caregivers forever or may not be the best long-term solution.

Families want to be sure their loved ones can lead fulfilling lives. The challenge is most I/DD adults don’t have the resources to live on their own and family members might not have the time, resources or finances to solely meet the needs of their loved ones with I/DD. As a result, family members often feel helpless, discouraged, or disappointed that they cannot provide this support - something they deeply desire. Furthermore, family members may just not know that there are options that will help their loved ones take full advantage of all life has to offer them. In fact, it’s often in the best interest of adults with I/DD to gain their independence as early as possible.


How We've Helped Others Live Independently:


“I am most proud of being at my job at Memorial Hermann for over 20 years! I love that Noah’s House gives us a sense of family, security, and safety. It helps keep my life on track and I have structure.”

- Resident since 2004


“I moved to Noah’s House in 2018. My aunt was looking for a place for me to stay because she could no longer provide me with the support I needed living at her house. Before Noah’s House, it was hard for me to hold down a job. But the staff has helped me so I have been at my current job since 2018!”

- Resident since 2018


“I have friends here that I have a lot in common with. We socialize together. We sit next to each other at meals. We also visit each other in our rooms for video games and movies. Noah’s House helped me find my current job at Hobi’s Bites. I love going out for activities.”

- Resident since 2017

Lisa Esparza and Rachel Rojas

“Robert has been a resident of Noah’s House from its inception. They enabled him and other residents to be responsible people through employment. We are thankful they provided him transportation to and from Goodwill, from which my brother retired a few years ago. Robert has made lifelong friends through Noah’s House and has learned to speak for himself!”

- Sister and Mother of Resident

Dawn Terrazas Chambers

“We choose Noah’s House because it is safe. While everyone is engaging, the environment is calm. The people who live there accept my brother and he has found friends and has a sense of belonging.”

- Sister of Resident

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