Community Activities

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy life to the fullest. The outings we do as a group brings smiles to our residents' faces, and joy to their families. Participating in activities as a group further promotes our sense of community and the desire to be one big family.

Social/Recreational Activities

The group social opportunities, such as field trips, celebrations, special events, parties, and interest clubs, promote our sense of community and the desire to be one big family. Our residents enjoy outings such as going on picnics, driving to see Christmas lights, walking through the Houston Zoo, camping trips, bowling, and fishing amongst other activities. The memories they make with each other create lifelong friendships.

Resident Wellness Activities

Teaching residents to master activities fundamental in caring for oneself is essential for them to maintain independence. The wellness activities are taught through workshops, groups, presentations, and games which help residents balance and/or learn skills to improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Improving their overall wellness boosts the self-esteem of adults with I/DD, which you can see as they stand taller and become a more positive person.

Employment Readiness Opportunities

A solid day of meaningful work gives most people a sense of purpose and confidence. The same is true for our adults with I/DD. In fact, our residents take great pride in their jobs and their place in the community outside of Noah’ House. For this reason job readiness and placement is a main goal for each of our residents. We help identify their strengths and desires and try to match them with a workplace environment best suited for them. We provide transportation to and from work, as well as lunches for each resident.